Welcome To My Site

Welcome to my website.

I am a professionally  trained, Oral Storyteller<>Performance Storyteller<>Storytelling Workshop Facilitator.

I am also a Storytelling and Spoken Word Curator for a large UK Festival <> I also have International Experience.

I have told Stories, in many diverse places such as;  numerous Festivals of all types, including being a special guest storyteller at a Kenyan Culture Festival, Story Camps,  Schools, a Ghost Story on local radio, Alternative  Education Settings, Woodland events,  at a Children’s Hospice, an audio story for a bereavement service, on an ex-Pirate Radio Ship, dressed as a Pirate, around Camp Fires, on a Canal Boat Theatre, from a Beech Hut, an Outdoor Amphitheatre, Pop up Shop, Walkabout Street Storytelling, an HMP Prison Children’s Waiting Area and at many Storytelling Clubs.  I have performed as a Special Guest Storyteller in the Netherlands twice and also as a guest teller in Northern Ireland.

Online Storytelling; I have told stories on the World Storytelling Cafe (several times),  Northern Ireland, for ‘The Armstrong Storytelling Trust’,  Holland for the ‘Dutch School of Storytelling’. As well as numerous storytelling club apperances in th UK.

Workshops; I have told stories and/or run Workshops for a variety of diverse groups, such as, School Children, Sight Impaired Adults, Learning Disabled Teenagers and Adults, Adolescent’s in ‘secure hospital units’, at Woodland Bushcamps for children, for Environmental groups.

Curating Storytellers; I have successfully put together many storytelling events, with a diverse troupe of storytellers, both live and online.

Please have a look over my website, where you will get a further idea of my extensive experience and my passion for Oral Storytelling.


If you wish to discuss anything, please contact me, via email at….shane@storytellershane.co.uk or  Text or ring 07709 904 053 or Facebook message me at Shane Ibbs. Thank you.

Photo by jimmy@j-leephotography.com