An Incredible end to National Storytelling Week

On the “coat tails” of National (Oral) Storytelling Week, a wonderful day was had on Sunday. In the afternoon, I was invited to attend ‘Ruby Riot’ a Charity event to raise money and awareness for Ruby, an 8 year old girl with Retts Syndrome. There were three musical acts and I was the family storyteller. Ruby uses a computer to communicate as she has lost her ability to speak. With permission, here are the comments she made while following a story.

“Cool…Ok…cool,….cool,… love it….Fantastic,.. fantastic….terrible…cool,.. fantastic”. As you can see Ruby came on a journey with the story. (Ruby aged 8). This is the main reason why I enjoy Oral Storytelling so much, it reaches across and out to people.

In the evening I had my own Storytelling club, ‘Tall Tales & Short Stories’, to run. The theme was Viking, Celtic and Saxon, stories and myths. We had our biggest ever crowd with over 60 people turning out. It was so large that we had to move from our room to the main bar, to accommodate everyone. What a great night we had. We had English storytellers, Welsh storytellers, Irish storytellers, a ‘Trans’ storyteller and a young man with Downs Syndrome who stood up and told us about the Vikings. We also had a tin whistle and harp player. A fine bunch of people to add variety and entertainment. The audience were very appreciative indeed, with many familiar faces and lots of new faces too. A night that I will never forget, for all the best reasons.

Something is happening out there, people are becoming increasingly interested again with our oldest tradition, of sitting together and telling stories. The story telling evening at ‘Tall Tales & Short Stories’ have a ‘performance’ element to them. The tellers that I am blessed with are all either, experienced or indeed very experienced. Coming from a lineage of great storytellers. This gives the evening a great quality, of which I am so proud of.