Best Ever Fun on Zoom

Since ‘Lockdown’, live storytelling has moved online. I must confess that it is not my favourite format to perform on or listen to stories on. As in my opinion, you cannot beat a live audience in front of you. However I do realise that for some people, it is a way of enabling them to access ‘live’ online storytelling, albeit via Zoom or Facebook etc. I have slowly migrated over to doing a few online events, a bit like trying to get a Cat to go out when its raining. I have had some good experiences and met some people that I would not otherwise have met. My favourite experience was just this week. I was invited by the Poet Gill Wes,t to tell some stories for people with learning disabilities who attend Project 49 in Southend. What a lot of fun it was. A very interactive audience with a great sense of fun. It was the closest that I have experienced to it feeling like a live audience that I was in the room with.