Blooming Moulsham Storytelling

I worked as a Storyteller every week for 18 months at a local Childminding company, who are rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. I told from memory Traditional Oral Fairy tales, Folk tales and Fables. I also included some poetry and nursery rhymes that I read to them. I did story rounds with the children, where they got a chance to add their contribution to a made up story that travels round the group. They really loved this. I also used story cubes with the children in a similar way. All together this increases not only their fun, but also their listening skills, writing skills, their imagination’s, word play and free play. In addition the children learn turn taking and patience. The children also learn about cultural difference’s, as I tell stories from many cultures. It is always fun and the children never tire of these sessions. They often ask me to repeat the same stories, as they get a bit more from the stories each time. The children developed so much, that several of them took turns in the Storytellers chair and told their own stories to the group. Some as young as 4 year olds did this.

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