Event Storytelling

In a suitable setting, Oral Storytelling brings something magical and unique compared to other forms of ‘entertainment’. My Storytelling is done eye-to-eye, moment-to-moment, to fully engage the audience.  Each story telling occasion is unique, as I use the interaction of the audience to inspire and mould the story in the moment. It can be funny, it can be soothing, sometimes almost meditative and relaxing.

I can offer themed stories or very selective stories, I am willing to discuss this with you and to help you plan something unique, if that is what you would like. Storytelling is for adults as much as it is for children. There is a very wide range of stories. In fact I find that adults once into it, really enjoy it.  I am also able to offer a bespoke storytelling session to clubs, libraries, workplaces, institutes etc., either for adults or children.  Please contact me to discuss your ideas and we can work something out that will match your needs.

Please contact me without obligation to find out more.