Face to Face storytelling is back


I cannot tell you how delighted I am to once again be bringing together two of my biggest passions. Throughout Easter I will be back, Buchcrafting and Storytelling in a wood. I will be living, working, sleeping and telling stories in a private wood in Surrey for two weeks.  As part of my working life, I am also a Bushcraft Instructor, as part of this role, I will be co-running a Bushcaft Camp, for BigHat Bushcamp. This particular camp over Easter, will be with a small set group of children each week. As part of their experience, I will be running a storytelling session and workshop each day, for the children. I work gentle towards building up the childrens confidence, to speak up and out, by us collaboratively working on stories and sharing parts of a story in the group. By the end of the week many of the children are confident enough to tell a whole story to the group. I have previously experienced hearing that many of the children go home each day and share a story from the day with their parents/carers. It is wonderfully satisfying to see their confidnece grow over the week.