Finding the story Gold during a difficult year.

In a year like no other, the opportunity to keep telling stories has remained, primarily via the internet.  During the summer, I was fortunate enough to be able to do some safe live outdoor storytelling at a Bush Camp in the woods. What made it more  rewarding for me, was the fact that many of the children were Young Carers. To see these children grow in Storytelling skills and Outdoor skills during the week, was a wonderful reward for me in itself.  In total, I ran a storytelling workshop and story share, every single day, for five weeks. Since then my Storytelling has moved  wholly back online, I am invited to many online story events, I would  like to attend them all, however to keep it to a managible level  I keep to a small amount each week.

During the summer I was invited to ‘carry’ a story as part of a unique experiment that grew out of all expectations.  It was started by Alannah Robins from Ireland, she wanted to see what would happen to a short story if it was passed around by storytellers and taken through Europe online. It was started by an 18 yeard old the story went through the British Isles into Europe  up to Scandinavia, then as far west as Turkey and back.  It changed language many times and was told at least 304 times. I watched the end result recently with people from all over Europe as part of the online group.

More recently as we move into the slower time of year, I have once again told stories via Zoom for Mencap students, which is always a lot of fun, as we can talk to each other, its the closest we can get to a Live storytelling.

With Christmas now fast  approaching I have completed filming some Christmas stories to share online. I have filmed a short Winter story for St Clements Church’s 38th annual Christmas Foilk Carol Service, as well as an additional filmed short Winter story for Mencap’s Christmas online advent calender.

With an ease on lockdown Outdoors on the 21st and 22nd December, I will be offering my services free, as back in Surry we will be having some of  the Young Carers back for a Christmas bushcamp treat for them. As part of the day, each day I will be telling some Winter/Christmas stories.

Looking forward to 2021, I have been approached to attend a week long communial gathering of families, in the Summer holidays, to teach bushcraft and to tell stories and run a storytelling workshop. I cannot say more about it at the moment, however I will share more information in due course.