Letting the Light In

While most of us are locked down, sitting out the ongoing Pandemic, I am sure that for moments, or even longer,  we have felt or looked, a little like the nature spirit above.  We may be currently feeling a little wretched, beaten up, like we are falling apart. Or perhaps a little unkempt, left in a field, for the wind to blow through us, pulling at our hair, ripping our clothes to shreds. Our minds and emotions, pulled and pushed, to the four corners of the earth and back.  But look closer at her, look through the holes, the gaps, you will see nature is still blooming, crops are still growing, birds are still singing. . Her apparent frail structure, is stronger than it looks, for it withstands the blowing wind  along which, the scent of spring comes, she pauses……. breaths it in……. all,.. will be well. Rainy days soak her feet, quickly forgotten, as brightly painted birds land on her twiggy arms, singing sweet songs, into her ear. Songs of the land, songs of  journeys, across mountains, across the sea, deserts and lush green valleys. She listens to their song……. and is soothed.  Her gown is bejewelled with bright insects, it shines, it sparkles, it hums with life. Look even closer at those tattered holes in her clothes, for this is where the sunlight shines through. This mythic nature guardian, is looking over us, showing us, speaking her truth. That nature both gives and takes, that we need the holes, to let the light in.