Marrakesh International Storytelling Festival Morocco 2022

A dream come true for me I was invited to attend the First Marrakesh International Storytelling Festival, in Morocco. This was the first week of Morocco opening up its borders post Covid, so a very special time, in so many ways.

I was lucky enough to be able to work with Moroccon students, learning English with four x 2 hour sessions. The format of folk and fairy tales was used, with an open question forum for the students including enabling them to dive deeper into story and into English language and cultural differences. Depending on the groups ability, some of the stories that I told were translated, into Arabic, small sections at a time. While for other more proficiant groups the stories I told were only spoken in English.  Such a deep, rich, rewarding encounter for me, stretching and enhancing my ability in running storytelling workshops. I have also made a friend in one of the tutors, Chayan.