My Biggest Ever Gig

My biggest gig yet is coming up this weekend, Storytelling to 500 Scouts.

2022 has been an exciting, interesting and busy year for me on the storytelling front so far.  Some of the highlights include, going to Morocco, to tell stories and work with Moroccan students, the two week trip was amazing;  Norfolk Libraries invited me to work on an innovative project, Nature Storytelling Outdoors, for mens health & mental welfare. Then there was an Essex Heritage project, celebrating Marconi, where I was involved with a school from the village, where the first ever official radio broadcast was made, by Marconi.  Then there was a Ukranian fund rasing gig in Suffolk, where a group of us raised over £1,200, I was so proud to be a part of this.  I have also been involved in some other very enjoyable storytelling work inbetween, including telling a story at a fashion show. And now I am about to do my largest storytelling gig ever. It is for the Essex Scouting Association. I will be at the Essex County Cricket ground this coming Saturday the 23rd  April, where I will be telling a story to approximately 500 Scouts.

There is a lot more in the pipeline, this year, which I will share at a future date.  ‘Doing the job I love’.