News and Events

Septembers Storytelling News.

Hi everyone, I have had a very busy and enjoyable summer telling stories all over the South East, to more than a 1,000 people, of all ages. And now as the heat of summer subsides, into the mellowness of autumn, with all of its riches from nature dripping in the hedgerows, ripening in the fields and on the trees. In an exquisite patchwork of bright gold’s, rich reds, deep purples, yielding yellows and ripening russets. I look forward to this wonderful season and the places that I will be telling stories at in September.

2nd; Storytelling as part of an all girls 8th Bushcraft Birthday party in Surry.
5th; Fishermans Chapel, storytelling, poetry and musical evening, in Leigh -on-Sea.
7th; Belfairs Wood, Essex Wildlife Trust, an evening of adult ‘Dark Tales’, where Hannah Brailsford and I, will be performing, in the woods.
8th; ‘Folks Fest’, storytelling in Chelmsford City centre for the charity Mencap.
8th; Chelmsford Storytelling Club, ‘Tall Tales and Short Stories’. I run this regular storytelling evening in The Two Brewers pub, along with other storytellers. The theme this month is, ‘Favourite Festival, Fireside Stories’. Free Entry, all welcome.
12th; East Kent Sudbury School; Alternative education setting visit, shared a story with some of the children.
14th; Beaulieu Park, Chelmsford, storytelling at their annual family picnic day.
15th-20th; I will be attending, Master Storyteller Ben Haggerty’s, intensive workshop, in Herefordshire.
28th; Special Guest at, Norwich based ‘Tales From The Undercroft’. I will be telling a collection of ‘Dark and Twisted Tales’, but I promise to end on an uplifting story.

Into The Wild

The festival season is almost over for me. This photo is from the last large festival, that I have told Stories at this season. Called, ‘Into The Wild’, its my 5th time there, its always fun, always wild, always making new friends, always finding old friends, always telling stories to large appreciative audiences, that keep coming back, for more. The photo is a mix of, (some of) the Storytellers, Spoken Word artists and Musicians, that performed. Here we are post performance, on the last of 4 days, letting our hair down and our joy out.

August Storytelling

August another busy month of storytelling;

August 1st-4th; Cambridge Folk Festival.

August 16th-18th; Folk East, Suffolk.

August 22nd-26th; Into The Wild Festival, Sussex. (I also help to curate the spoken word for this event).

August 31st; ‘Culture in the Park’, Oaklands Museum, Chelmsford.

September is beginning to shape up too. Including doing a weeks advanced Storytelling training. Although I look busy, its mainly weekends, so I am still open to any offers of storytelling work.

A very special moment

I have had so many very special moments this year, through Storytelling, including the following example. I had already been invited to attend Cambridge Folk Festival as a storyteller, by John Row. While there, I was further invited to attend an Extinction Rebellion, ‘climate crisis’ gathering, by Paul Pule of ‘Men Alive Australia’. It was to help him with one of the workshops that he was running. The workshop was on how to use Story, to make a personal or political point, in a non-confrontational way. I used an Aesop fable, The Lion and The Mouse, to demonstrate how we can overcome something that may seem ‘to big for us alone’. It demonstrated how, if we come together as one, suddenly many things are possible. This was in relation to the very real Climate and Species crisis that we now have.

Fabulous Festival Fun

I cant quite believe how wonderful my year has been and continues to be.


Leeds Storytelling Takeover.
Into The Wild, Beltane Fire Festival.
Roots Gathering.
Hare Moon Storytelling Camp.
Barking Folk Festival.
East Anglian Storytelling Festival.
The Fling Festival.
Village Green Festival.
Folk by the Oak Festival.
Larmer Tree Festival.


Cambridge Folk Festival.
Folk East.
Into The Wild Summer Festival.
Culture In The Park Festival.

I am truly blessed as I enjoy Storytelling so much. I have met some wonderful old friends and met some lovely new storytelling and story listening friends

July Storytelling, Festivals and All

July is going to be another busy month of Storytelling.

4th; Fishermans Chapel, Leigh-on-Sea. Telling a Dream story, for The Spinning Yarns Collective.
6th; The Fling Festival, Chelmsford. Storytelling for adults, at various times throughout the day.
9th; Global Generation, Regents Place, London. Telling an environmental/rewilding story, charity event.
13th; Village Green Festival, Southend, Telling family stories all day as part of The Spinning Yarns Collective.
14th; ‘Folk by the Oak’, festival all day storytelling, at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire.
20th; Larmer Tree festival, in Wiltshire. A late night Campfire storytelling, of Folk & Fairie Tales.
30th; Storytelling at an HMP family visitor centre, somewhere in the UK.

Then early August I will be going to The Cambridge Folk Festival, where I have been invited to tell stories.

This Sunday’s Special Guest; Dave Tonge


I have only been and managed to get the Wonderful Dave Tonge, as the special guest for Sunday. He has agreed to come along to the event I run, ‘Tall Tales & Short Stories’ in Chelmsford. Dave is firstly appearing as a special guest at the Leigh Folk Festival all weekend and he has agreed to come along on Sunday evening to The Two Brewers, Chelmsford. Originally an Essex man, Dave has lived in Norfolk for many a year, known as The Norfolk Yarnsmith, he is a true travelling storyteller. Those who know him, love him and travel for miles to hear him. Those who don’t know him, will love him after they have seen him. A Master Storyteller, Author and Historian, lyrical, funny charismatic and a thoroughly great bloke. You really are in for a treat. Don’t miss this one!

An awesome week of Storytelling

Last weekend I was at Barking Folk Festival, this weekend I was at the East Anglian Storytelling Festival, in-between I also did some other storytelling. Barking is one of my favourite festivals, it is so multi cultural and dynamic, with very happy audiences. The East Anglian Festival is another favourite, where I catch up with all the local tellers that I love and meet old and new friends. In-between on Tuesday I was at Tipi Woods, were I work part time, the children were organising themselves to be imagined hunters, so with their agreement, I told them the story of The Freedom Bird and the Hunter, which they really loved. That evening I went up to London to, Global Generation, based in The ‘Skip Garden’ behind St Pancras, in their ecology centre, to tell an ancient African tale, (that I told to my children 25 years ago), that relates to the relentless building expansion in the area. back to this past weekend. On late Friday afternoon, I travelled to Elmswell in deepest Suffolk, as an invited participant to the East Anglian Storytelling Festival, to both listen to stories from an amazing line up of storytellers, to attend wonderful workshops and to tell tales myself through the weekend. Elmswell is a village just a few miles up the road, from where I spent my first 35 years of my life. One of the stories that I told, was the 800 year old tale of The Green Children, of Woolpit, a story from a landscape that is imbedded in my soul.

June Storytelling.

After a weeks holiday here is June’s Storytelling.

June 8-9th; Barking Folk Festival, all weekend, for the 3rd year running.
June 9th; Evening at ‘The Gathering’, of The Society for Storytelling, London.
June 11th; Telling an ecological folk tale for the charity, ‘Global Generation’, London.
June 14-16th; Performing stories at ‘The East Anglian Storytelling Festival’, in Elmswell, Suffolk.
June 21st; The Society for Storytelling, are promoting a Storython Day, all over the UK. I will be getting involved in Southend, as part of ‘The Spinning Yarns Collective’, at Anke’s Café, Southend, Essex.
June 29th; I will be performing and helping at a Storytelling Workshop for children, as part of ‘The Spinning Yarns Collective’, in Southend.

Merry Month of May, Storytelling.

Merry Month of May

3-5th Beltane Fire Festival, Kent. I will be co-hosting the storytelling and poetry areas, as well as telling some stories myself. In addition on the Sunday, I will be performing a set of stories for families.

6th Thameside Nature Park, Stanford-le-Hope. Family Storytelling for Essex Wildlife Trust.

8th Storytelling for the Support4Sight group for people who are visually impaired, Braintree.

9th Storytelling at The Fisherman’s Chapel, Leigh-on-Sea, for the Spinning Yarns Storytelling Collective.

12th I will be running my regular storytelling evening, at The Two Brewers pub, Chelmsford. I am always joined by a marvellous bunch of storytellers and a very receptive audience. Please note it is at a New Venue.

14th Global Generation Camp Regents Place, London. Telling Environmental Stories.

17-19th Roots Gathering a wonderful family micro festival in Kent.

24-27th Hare Moon Storytelling Camp, in a hidden location in a wood in the Cambridgeshire countryside. Where I will have an opportunity to tell a few stories and to listen to some amazing Guest Storytellers.

A wonderful busy month of stories, I hope my throat survives 🙂