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Storytelling Festival

Hare Moon

I was invited to tell some stories in the evening at Hare Moon storytelling festival in Cambridgeshire  over the bank holiday weekend. I also got to tell a couple of impromptu tales to some children there in the day time. There were some amazing story tellers there, such as  Paul Jackson, Abbie Simmonds ,Suzanne Arnold and Liam Carroll.

Traditional Stories for School Children

storytellingThis week on Monday I told Traditional Stories from around the world, to 270 school children aged 5-7years for The Wilderness Foundation at Chatham Green. It was a day when the whole school got outside with nature, And as part of that I told stories in a wonderful Safari tent. I told stories to approximately 30 children at a time throughout the day. The kids loved it (so did I) and the teachers enjoyed it too.

Find out more about my traditional storytelling for schools.