News and Events

Gill West is this Sunday’s Storytelling special guest

The incredible wordsmith that is Gill West, will be our special guest this coming Sunday 30th. With a new set of spoken poems.

We also have Festival seasoned storytellers there too.

Its always a cracking night.

Venue; The United Brethren pub (The UB), 1 New Writtle Street, Chelmsford. (Back room).
Starts 7.15PM.
FREE Parking round the back in public car park.

Storytelling September

3rd; ‘The Library’, Saint Matins Lane, private members club, storytelling as part of ‘London Dreamtime Story Circle’.
7th; Braintree Moot, an adult storytelling evening.
9th; Maldon Oyster Festival, family stories, there will be some pirate stories.
12th; An Essex school project running for 10 weeks working therapeutically with a small group of children using Story.
15th; Ufford village Art & Culture Festival. A children’s session of stories, followed by a Grown Ups storytelling session. I have also written a village folk tale, based on the landscape around Ufford, especially for the village children.
18th; Bards Aloud, Ipswich, delighted to have been asked to be the guest Storyteller for the evening.
20th; Tipi Woods, Essex, Storytelling, as part of my new part time role as an Outdoor Facilitator, with home educated children.

Harlequin Fayre, Oh what fun!

I had a truly great time with some of my fellow Storytelling colleagues at Harlequin Fayre in deepest rural Norfolk. We had a wonderful time telling stories in the wood to children and adults alike. I also did some MC’ing work introducing some bands, a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

Next up comes; Harwich Festival, Folk East Festival, Southend Fringe Festival and ‘Into The Wild Festival’, I will also be telling adult stories in the evening this coming Saturday 11th at Twenty One, an Arts venue on Southend sea front…….I may and I may not be wearing the silly hat.

Adolescent Storytelling

Storytelling for the ‘BIG KID Foundation’ a Lambeth based charitable Youth Service. Some of the young people came to Suffolk on a sailing week, to increase their skills and self esteem. I was invited to come along to share some suitable folk and fairy stories with them one evening. I think it would be fair to say, that they were surprised by how relevant the stories were and how much they enjoyed them. They were a great audience, I had an evening meal with them and a chat before the stories. Then later after the stories some of them sat around and chatted. They seemed quite interested that I had struggled at school with dyslexia etc.

The next few weeks

24th July I will be at Kingsfleet Primary school in Felixstowe to tell Pirate stories, shiver me timbers.
28th July I am at ‘Kenya In The Park’, “the largest Kenyan festival in Europe”.
3rd-5th August I am at ‘Harlequin Festival’
4th Storytelling at a wedding.
11th Guest storyteller at Twenty One in Southend.
17th-19th I will be storytelling at ‘Folk East’.
24th-27th I will be performing at ‘Into The Wild Festival’ (and also MC’ing).

There will be lots of stories and lots of fun.

What’s Happening on the Storytelling Front .

Upcoming storytelling gigs include;

10th July; Peggy Sue’s Bar. Leigh-on-Sea.
13th July; Root Camp, in Suffolk.
14th July; Voice Box at Project 21, Southend sea front.
17th July; Bards Aloud, Ipswich.
19th July; Root Camp, in Suffolk.
21st July; Jimmy’s Festival, Suffolk.
22nd July; Jimmy’s Festival, Suffolk.
24th July; Kingsfleet Primary School, Felixstowe, Suffolk.
28th July; ‘Kenya in the Park’ Festival to celebrate everything Kenyan. Abbey Park Barking.

Thank You, Chelmsford Festival

A very big thank you goes to the organisers of the Chelmsford Art and Culture Festival, for inviting me to be one of the event partners, event collaborator and event performer. I along with the other storytellers that supported me, had a wonderful time in bringing Oral Storytelling to the various events in Chelmsford throughout the festival period. We had only positive experiences, with wonderful audiences. Thank you for having the faith in us to deliver professional performances of Oral Storytelling.

I would especially like to thank those fellow Storytellers that helped bring Oral Storytelling to a wonderfully receptive audience wherever we performed. They were; Hannah Brailsford, Gerry Donlon, Justine De Mierre, Peter Monk, John Row, Su Squire and poet Gill West, I owe you a great big thank you, for your support.

A photo of myself with two of the storytellers, from the last day.

Roots Gathering Festival

A couple of photo’s that someone took last weekend at the Roots Gathering Festival in Kent. A truly wonderful small friendly festival.

So Busy Storytelling

I have had a wonderfully busy time storytelling recently and it continues through the early summer. I cant believe that what started as a casual interest has becomes so much more. I feel so blessed. I was Storytelling and helping to run the storytelling and spoken word all weekend at the Beltane Festival, run by ‘Into The Wild’. Then I was part of a story ‘telethon’ in Spring Wood, (four and a half hours of continuous stories by several storytellers). The next day I went and did a story performance to ‘Support 4 Sight’ a charity for people with sight loss. The following weekend I went to ‘The Roots Gathering’ festival in Kent and told a reimagined story that I wrote of ‘Jack in the Green’. Then this week I was in Brentwood Prep school for some storytelling to the 6-8 yr olds all afternoon. This weekend on Sunday evening the 27th, I will be running my own storytelling event again at The UB pub in Chelmsford, where several storytellers come and tell stories. Then next Tuesday I am up in Aldburgh to tell some stories and run a workshop for the BigKid Foundation, to a group aged between 10-20 years of age. Young people at risk of school exclusion and violent crime. Then on Wednesday I am up in London in the evening telling a story at an event run by Andy Copps who is raising money for his daughter to go with the Girl Guides to help with a children’s project in South America. Then on Thursday I travel to Holland where on the weekend I will be telling an Ancestor ‘real life’ story in Amsterdam and then again in The Hague. Following that I will be the only Storyteller for the second year running at the Barking Folk Festival, (great fun). Then mid-June I will be storytelling and helping to run The East Anglian Storytelling Festival. I am also currently working on the Chelmsford Arts and Culture Festival, where I am organising a group of story tellers and myself to be offering lots of storytelling to people, this happens the last week of June. To say that I love storytelling and all that it offers to other people and to myself, is an under statement. I may need a little rest after all that.