Story Repertoire

I tell all my stories from memory in a traditional Oral manner. I am a very physical storyteller, which audiences enjoy , particularly children, whom I encourage to join in. I tell traditional stories from many cultures such as; Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Scandinavia, the British Isles, including Scottish Traveller Tales, and many other places. I tell Folk and Fairy tales, Fables, Wisdom tales, Myths and Legends. ¬†Many of these stories are hundreds of years old and some are thousands of years old (the original Cinderella is believed to be more than 1,000 years old) most are surprisingly still relevant. My stories can be, funny, serious, have wisdom, carry knowledge or cultural references. They create an opportunity to escape to ‘Storyland’, a safe relaxing place where one can dream, go on an imagined journey and wonder.

I am also able to learn and perform stories on specific topics and cultures. Previously¬† I have been commissioned to reimagine the folk lore around ‘Jack of the Green’, where I wrote and than performed the story to families as part of a closing ceremony at the end of a festival. The organisers said that they were “blown away” with my performance and how positively everyone reacted to it. Last year I learnt some Thai stories, specifically for a Thailand day event that I did for service users at Mencap, a National charity for people with learning disabilities. ¬†Previously for a school I sourced and learnt a Mayan creation myth especially for a school in Brentwood, Essex, who were learning about the Mayan people and their culture. The teachers reported back to me a few weeks later that the story added a depth to the children’s learning and enjoyment about the Mayan people and culture.

Many enjoyable hours of my own personal research and preparation go into the stories that I tell.

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