Storytelling Workshops During Childrens Mental Health Awareness Week

During National Storytelling Week, I spent a full week in a school in Suffolk, working with  four seperate classes. I was commissioned by the wonderful Children’s Mental Health Charity, ‘FineNotFine’, to put together a week of Storytelling Workshops, incorporating the theme of ‘Find Your Brave’. As it was also National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.  Here is some of the genuine feedback from several of the children. Its heartening to know that we truly made a meaningful connection with these children.

“I enjoyed Shane he was really funny. My favourite part was the Viking story”.

“My favourite part was wen Thor wor that dress”

“Everybody has brave in them and you find it at certain parts in your life. Some people don’t”.

“I enjoyed that wen Shane told the story and we could picture it in your head”.

“My favourite part was the donkey pewking out Pinoncita”

“I enjoyed the exciting art lessons we’ve had. My favourite part was where Shane came in and told us lots of stories”.

“I enjoyed Shane telling us the stories and the art. My favourite part was when we drawed the pictures and when we heard the stories”.

“I enjoyed doing the different activities. My favourite part was being there and listening to Shane who is very funny”.