A selection of some of the Feedback that I get after one of my traditional storytelling performances or Workshops:

Dr Linda Williamson, Folklorist, Author, Editor, Storyteller.

“I believe Shane is truely wild and probably the best contemporary storyteller, to connect us and our children responsibly with nature”.


Dr Alastair K Daniels, Principle Lecturer of Primary English Education,  Roehampton University .

“Shane Ibbs is a well-established (story) teller based in Essex, but until the weekend of the Oxford Storytelling Festival we had only met online. Already having an interest in how story both reflects and creates place, I made a beeline for his workshop ‘Dreaming the story, a mindful Exploration’ in which he asked participants to become part of their surroundings. There were only four of us who took up the offer of the workshop, which was perhaps a pity for Shane but a privilege for the participants. Encouraging us to pay attention to place, to hear the sounds around us, and feel the breeze on our skin and the earth beneath us, Shane led us in a story that he learnt (originating) from Duncan Williamson, using our senses to create place and envision action. I am very familiar with the practice of visualisation through my own work in schools and universities, but it is a long time since I was led in one myself, and Shane reminded me of the power of this practice, to the point where I continued to give more attention to place days later, and found myself being surprised by how acute my sense of smell had become, as I travelled to a storytelling gig”.


Town Close Prep School, Norwich City, Norfolk. Family community day.

“You were amazing, I could listen to your stories all day, thank you so much”.

“Both children and adults alike, were enthralled and inspired by the stories”


Lawshall Infants School, Suffolk. Comments from a week long Storytelling and Mental Health Workshop that I ran with the children. 

” I enjoyed that when Shane told the story and we could picture it in your head”.

“My favourite part was being there and listening to Shane who is very funny”.

“Thank you for an amazing week. Also thanks for teaching me about feelings and how to find my brave”.

“My favourite part of the storytelling activities were the three different stories because they were fun and made me feel I was in the story”


The Wideon Theatre Boat, Canal by Kings Cross, London.  A 7 year old child commented after listening for an hour to my stories.
“I would give Shane’s stories 100 out of 10”

Christchurch School, Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London.
I just wanted to let you know Shane, that there was a child in the audience today who, we have never heard laugh in school, or even seen him smile. You had him doing both, with your stories, which is wonderful”.

Kingsfleet Primary School, Felixstowe, Suffolk.
“Thank you so much Shane, the children were completely enthralled by your stories and so were the adults. We want you back for the ‘Ferry Fest’ Arts Festival, in Felixstowe in August”.

Palace Theatre, Southend, Essex.
” A poignant and haunting evening of tales beautifully told”.

BIG KID Foundation: London
“Would like to say a massive thank you Shane, for delivering an amazing storytelling workshop. The young people loved it”.

Mencap Staff; Chelmsford City, Essex. 
“To see so many of the group engaging with your stories, Shane was great to see, some of them I have never seen so openly engaged with anyone else before, the way they did with you. That last story in particular was so powerful”.

National Trust Ickworth House, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
“Thank you so much for coming, we had some lovely feedback from families about the storytelling. We hope you enjoyed the day”.

Blooming Moulsham Childcare Chelmsford Essex. 

“Storytelling encourages children to take a greater interest in stories. Shane has been coming to my setting weekly to share traditional stories with children aged 5-14 yrs. Shane is fun and engaging and he manages to include all the children in the stories asking them for ideas and participation. The children love the stories and can’t wait for him to come back!!” Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’


“Dear Shane, Thank you so much for bringing a bit of magic to my party and entertaining everyone with some stories. It really helped to create a memorable evening and added a bit of fun”. Katie

Brentwood Prep School. Brentwood, Essex (Enrichment Day).

Some of the feedback.

The Children;
“I loved the story about Rainbow Crow”.
“I liked the story about the ‘Hairy Toe’, it was funny”.
“You’re my favourite storyteller”
“I really liked your stories, can you come and tell us some more”.

“The children all loved the stories”.
“It was wonderful to see the children completely involved in listening to your stories for 45 minuets”.
“When I get home I am going to tell my children your story about the ‘Wind Eagle’, they will love it”.
“The other teachers said I should come and listen to your story about ‘The Green Children’. They were right what a lovely story”.

Bushcraft Club for Children, Saffron Walden, Essex. 

“Storyteller Shane tells stories at the Bushcraft Holiday Club. The children love it! Storyelling adds something very special to our sessions, Shane’s stories are wise and funny, they have generated really interesting discussions with the children. When Shane tells a story they sit engrossed in what they are hearing, and the stories stay with us for the whole day.”

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