The 800 year old Folk Tale of The Green Children

The Green Children

I grew up, some 11 miles up the road from the Suffolk village of Woolpit, where the story of the Green Children comes from. I know the people, the land and the villages well, in this part of Suffolk. The tale fascinates me and I have been telling it for years. There are so many interpretations, so many layers to it. Everytime I revisit and research the story, I see more. It is part folk tale, part fairy/wonder tale and part legend. I am currently revisiting and researching the story again, as I have done many times. I will be telling it again next week, at Get A Word in Edgeways, an online storytelling space.

 Get A Word in Edgeways will also be having an actual Storytelling and Spoken Word Festival, on the 8th-10th July in Shropshire. See you there.