What a great day

What a great day at Tipi Woods today, where I work once a week, as a resident storyteller and facilitator, at a Learning Community for children who do not go to mainstream school.. Some of the children, aged between 6-10 years of age, shared in the morning circle, that they have ‘bad dreams’, so I offered time for them to hear the Wonder Tale called,  ‘The Maker of Dreams’, a traditional tale from the Isle of Skye, in Scotland. The children were very engrossed in the images of the story and the narrative of why, we have ‘good’ and ‘bad’ dreams. After the story, I facilitated a child led chat about their dreams, both good and bad dreams. Following on from this, one of the children mentioned that she had recently had a dream about “pies”, which she found odd and funny. This led to me telling an old Sufffolk Folk Tale, ‘Tom, Tit, Tot’, (a variation of Rumplestiltskin),  in which at the begining  5 pies were eaten. I hadn’t told the story for at least 3 years, it was a joy to tell and the children were really taken in by the magic of the story. They also learnt some new words, by asking me about words such as, ‘Skein’, ‘Flax’ and ‘Linen’. Later in the afternoon the same group of children asked for some more stories. So I told them a Native American story about why we have the wind, as it was somewhat windy in the woods today. I had them listening to the rustle of the leaves. I finished with a fun wisdom tale about, being sure of your ‘facts’ before spreading a rumour. It was a very interactive story, with the children giving me lots of animals to include in the story. We had so much fun. Even the quietest ones, in the larger group, were more vocal than normal. What a special day 🙂